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At Indocasa Furniture, our #1 goal is to create teak furniture that will stand the test of time and design aesthetic by merging the best in local Jepara Indonesia craftsmanship alongside a history of sleek, modern European design.As widely known, Jepara in Central Java is the epicenter of fine teak wood furniture manufacturing, and thanks to some of the greatest carpentry workers in the world, we are able to provide you with high-quality, modern furniture at the most affordable prices on the market.

Today, Indocasa Furniture is bringing the spark of European design and production techniques to our local factory where we work side by side with local carpenters lead the way in furniture trends and innovation, with each Indocasa Furniture piece standing as a work of art that will last for generations.

With over 40 years experience in the industry, we predominantly cater for wholesale distributors, manufacturing and export customized teak furniture pieces. We are proud to be the trusted supplier and partner for retail showrooms; hotels, restaurants, resorts, and private residential projects across the globe.

Contact us today or browse the collection to join the prestigious yet inviting Indocasa Furniture family.

We Care About The Planet

100% Legal Indonesian Teak Wood

Thanks to the abundant teak wood supply and world class carpenters of the Jepara, Indonesia area, Indocasa Furniture is able to source, design, produce, and ship the highest quality teak furniture at the most affordable prices on the market.

We are committed to creating our teak furniture while maintaining ethical working conditions, using natural finishing products, and sourcing raw materials. We are proud to wear the 100% Indonesian Legal Wood badge which means our teak wood selection has been certified to come from controlled areas which re-plant and re-forest, to remain sensitive to the environmental impacts of deforestation.

Skilled Craftsmen

The Factory & Showroom

At Indocasa, our professional European management team ensures every single piece of teak wood furniture is carefully controlled during the manufacturing, finishing and packing processes in order to guarantee an outstanding rate of damage below 1%.

Whether you are interested in wholesale teak furniture, teak hotel furniture, or indoor teak furniture for your private residence, each piece is carefully handcrafted on-site in our factory to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We are a premier and ethical furniture manufacturer in Jepara Indonesia. We not only do our part for the environment but also comply with regulated health & safety standards for our 100 talented local workers.

The Showroom


Book an appointment or simply walk-in to our stunning 200m2 showroom where you can browse the latest teak furniture collections by Indocasa Furniture. Stop in and see something unique every visit, as our collections are regularly refreshed with new forward-thinking, European designs.

We are proud to showcase our indoor teak furniture here for local, individual, wholesale, and international customers. We welcome any furniture professionals to come speak with us in person as we review these quality teak furniture pieces with a flare of Italian and European design.

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